Year-end accomplishment

Written by: 

Pacific Links Foundation Team


December 29, 2010


Our troop of 15 women was loaded into a van for a 3-hour bumpy trip, crossing one scarily small ferry for a GRAND opening of a beauty “salon” on an auspicious day.  We know it was an auspicious day because while it was Thursday, there were at least five weddings that we saw on the way.  At one point, the road was so narrow that a wedding party took over the entire road, and the only way to pass was to lift up the entire awning.


N.M.’s mother was in tears to see all of us to celebrate the new enterprise, saying that “your presence removes all the doubts and rumors around here that my girl was a ‘bad’ girl, and held by police for doing illegal things… I am so proud today. All of my children, not just my N.M., can face people around here.”  N.M. had resided for more than 12 months in PALS’ Long Xuyen Open House where she attended beauty school.  Her certificates, with her pictures, were plastered on the wall, mixing with the Honor Certificate for Best Students that her younger sister consistently received over the years.  We have placed N.M. ‘s sister in our scholarship program as well.  She is currently attending 6th grade.



Two chairs + 1 hair washing recliner and nonstop customers.  An auspicious day indeed.  A new home will be erected for her family in the next few months, right behind the extension that currently houses her shop, giving more space to the family.


The Open House resident coordinator cannot stop smiling.  She had even ordered the shop’s signs from Long Xuyen the week prior.  Coordinating with IOM who provided the main funding, we assisted N.M. in opening her first beauty salon, which provides various beauty services such as nail, hair styling and cutting, facials, etc.  N.M. is now an accomplished beautician.


We are proud of you N.M.!