Written by: 

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Translated by Pacific Links Foundation Team 


June 22, 2016


At 6 years old, M. already knew how to cook. At 7 years old, she learned how to embroider. As orphans, M. and her siblings went their separate ways, following anyone who could raise them. M. lived with her relatives. She knew how to do laborious work from a young age but was regularly beaten until her ears bled.


At 15 years old, M. was tricked into crossing the border and sold as a bride to an old Chinese man. After 2 months, while her husband was intoxicated, M. and a neighbor in the same situation jumped from the apartment window and ran away. Her friend dislocated her leg when she jumped. The two faced difficulties in the following days hiding, only daring to find and eat melons in the middle of the night to satisfy their hunger. When they were completely exhausted and hopeless, both were lucky to come across a group of construction workers who took them to the police station...


 M blog June 2016


Currently, M. is a member of our Lao Cai Compassion House. For the first time, she is learning how to read and write. She is also learning how to sew. M. dreams of becoming a good seamstress and opening up her own store!